Loading the van during a house removal

Moving house checklist from Best London Removals

There are a number of procedures that are absolutely necessary for the successful house removal, no matter if you are moving in London, Croydon, or moving internationally. Professional removal companies are familiar with the process, but most of the customers are not, and we believe it is our responsibility to introduce the people that are planning their move to the basics of a complete house removal. Best London Removals Ltd realizes this “brief” online through our contact form, on the phone or during the free removal survey, which we organize with our prospect clients. In order to be even more useful to the people preparing their house removal, our moving experts drafted a “Moving house checklist”, which you might print and follow through for a stress-free house relocation.

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Moving a six bedroom terraced house in Kensington

Last week offered a real work challenge for Best London Removals’ team since our removal company was awarded the honour to relocate an astonishing 6 bedroom terraced house in Kensington.

After successful completion of the removal job, the house had to be completely empty, including service basement area. All furniture, paintings and ornaments had to be safety wrapped, chandeliers removed and protected in custom made crates, ready for transportation. Kitchen china and crystal glassware also had to be packed by our packing team.

We organized a careful onsite survey of the property to be moved (a standard procedure we carry out on our prospect removals), we laid out the plan, as follows:

  • Day one has been dedicated for packing of boxes service and preparing the furniture;
  • On day 2 we have delivered and unloaded all content (total of  4000 cu.ft.) to the new destination;
  • Day 3 we left for chandeliers replacement and delivery, also clearing the basement and utility/service area.

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Moving the office of an IT company

Office removals are an everyday routine at Best London Removals Ltd and we mastered the activity to a near-perfection levels. Of course the offices of different companies are quite diverse and that makes the removal job even more challenging. But the years of moving experience have thought us there are some patterns in every office that depend on the type of business. Below we share some specifics of an IT office removal.

Relocation of an IT office

Any business has a location set up and when it comes to moving that location and moving the business the task becomes quite tricky. Thus there are many companies that help you with the moving process and they provide their moving services for the internal office transfer and for relocation of hundreds of employees and other furniture. When the office of an IT company is moved then it becomes more difficult. The reason is that the IT
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5 simple yet efficient tips for when you decide to relocate your business

Office removals should be plannedUpon deciding to move your business to another location the most important factor is planning. If done properly, it can save you both time and money. In order to pack and then unpack you will be needing a fair share of time, and amid all of the procedures there can be a lot of inefficiencies (Where is the fax machine? What happened to my file?) that would make your business suffer.

Lucky for you though, relocating your small business venture doesn’t necessary mean you will be needing an Aspirin for that headache.

Below we have tried summing up all of the necessary criteria you should cover for stress-free office removals, into 5 simple but efficient tips for business relocation. Read more

Office removals – how to organize your relocation?

In order to be fully prepared and ready for your office removal, it is advisable that you begin planning roughly 12 weeks prior to the scheduled date for the move. By doing this you will manage to properly prepare your staff and cover all details regarding the company relocation.

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How do I get a proper moving quotation?

The topic about proper removing quotes is quite interesting for our clients, that’s why we have decided to pay more attention to the subject.We have already reviewed some important things in our post Get the best removal quote, and below we elaborate a bit further in order to assure you would get the most out of removal companies next time you plan your move.

Most moving companies are to appoint someone to come and visit your home in order to assess the number of items you want moved. If a mover is a true professional he would inquire into your personal preferences regarding some particular items and thus be able to give you a thorough and detailed summary of how the whole moving process is going to go through and provide you with an accurate price total for the operation. If you have just began pondering how to book removal surveys and have no idea what to expect, you can check out our guide on getting an accurate quotation.

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