Moving a six bedroom terraced house in Kensington

Last week offered a real work challenge for Best London Removals’ team since our removal company was awarded the honour to relocate an astonishing 6 bedroom terraced house in Kensington.

After successful completion of the removal job, the house had to be completely empty, including service basement area. All furniture, paintings and ornaments had to be safety wrapped, chandeliers removed and protected in custom made crates, ready for transportation. Kitchen china and crystal glassware also had to be packed by our packing team.

We organized a careful onsite survey of the property to be moved (a standard procedure we carry out on our prospect removals), we laid out the plan, as follows:

  • Day one has been dedicated for packing of boxes service and preparing the furniture;
  • On day 2 we have delivered and unloaded all content (total of  4000 cu.ft.) to the new destination;
  • Day 3 we left for chandeliers replacement and delivery, also clearing the basement and utility/service area.


As the picture shows, this room alone had several sofas to remove, a nice living-room table, lots of accessories, not to mention the beautiful chandelier and the fragile-looking frame over the mantelpiece.

House Move

This house removal was a challenge in many ways – there were a number of chandeliers to be moved (we are experienced at that), several unique sofas and other grand furniture, priceless mirrors and accessories, not to mention the modern home equipment – e.g. an 85″, really enormous TV.

IMG_1859    IMG_1825

Of course Best London Removals Ltd. was contracted for the full relocation service – packing included.

The whole moving process was carefully planned and agreed on with the assignors in advance (see our post on “How to prepare your house for removal?“), so on the day of the removal we arrived early at the house and started to carefully prepare the things for packing and loading.

You may get an idea how the packing went from the images below:

Glass table top wrapping

Glass table top wrapping

Glass table top wrapping   Table base wrapped



TV packing   moving-TV-staircase

Large sofas also needed special packing, in order to get to the final destination untainted.

sofa packing   sofa wrapping for transportation

This chandelier is fragile – not a problem for the Best London Removals’ team – they’ve done it many times before.

chandelier disconnecting    chandelier

Looks like a bee hive, but it’s actually the chandelier from the above picture.

chandelier packing   chandelier packing

Same chandeliers again, this time safely residing in a solid specially designed case.

chandelier-case   DSCF4510

Hey, where did all the furniture and accessories go?



End of the removal day summing up

Hey, you don’t believe it was a one-day-only move, do you?

In fact, Best London Removals managed to move that 6 bedroom terraced house in Kensington, London, really fast, but it took more than one day. We had a 4-5 days limit to complete the removal job – we successfully completed it for 3 days!

The important thing is that everything was untainted and the removal process went smoothly and without troubles. So here we go:

  • 6 Sofas, 4 TV’s and various furniture – wrapped and moved!
  • 4 Chandeliers – packed and moved!
  • Paintings and wall decoration accessories – carefully wrapped and moved!
  • 90 large, 90 small and 30 wardrobe moving boxes

If you need your house moved professionally and stress free at an affordable price, call now for a FREE removal quote.