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Moving house checklist from Best London Removals

There are a number of procedures that are absolutely necessary for the successful house removal, no matter if you are moving in London, Croydon, or moving internationally. Professional removal companies are familiar with the process, but most of the customers are not, and we believe it is our responsibility to introduce the people that are […]

Moving the office of an IT company

Relocation of an IT office Any business has a location set up and when it comes to moving that location and moving the business the task becomes quite tricky. Thus there are many companies that help you with the moving process and they provide their moving services for the internal office transfer and for relocation […]

Office removals – how to organize your relocation?

In order to be fully prepared and ready for your office removal, it is advisable that you begin planning roughly 12 weeks prior to the scheduled date for the move. By doing this you will manage to properly prepare your staff and cover all details regarding the company relocation. It is a major objective for […]

How do I get a proper moving quotation?

The topic about proper removing quotes is quite interesting for our clients, that’s why we have decided to pay more attention to the subject.We have already reviewed some important things in our post Get the best removal quote, and below we elaborate a bit further in order to assure you would get the most out […]

Get the best removals quote available

There comes a time in our lives when we have to call a removal company, which should not be that big of a deal, right? Well, not exactly… When the time does come and you decide to go browsing through the Internet or open up the Yellow Pages you will be shocked by the enormous […]

Hire a removal company or DIY?

“Why hire a professional removal company while I can pack, load and move my house (small office) myself (with friends/colleagues)?” – that’s a standard question many people ask themselves when planning their removal. And it’s not a surprise, given the fact that there are some costs of removal that have to pay for the service. […]

Knowing the removal costs in advance

Money is an important part of our life. Although it should not be the base for any important decision, the amount of money spent should always be taken into consideration. Same is the situation with removal costs of your office, house or apartment. And having agreed on the fact that the quality of moving service […]

Moving from London to Manchester in a day

Last week we had an interesting removal job with a neighbour of ours in Ruislip, North-West London. In 21st century, one would suppose that a great part of the leads (especially in the moving service business) come from “contemporary” sources – Internet websites, online advertising, etc. And in fact it is close to the truth […]