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Our expertise lies in orchestrating seamless relocations in London, dedicated to simplifying the process for you

Furniture protection and wrapping

People relocating face a significant worry about the safety and security of their possessions. Recognizing this, Best London Removals is taking essential steps to safeguard your furniture.
We ensure that all items are meticulously wrapped in industrial cardboard or plastic bubble wrap before being loaded onto the van by our movers. If needed, certain items may also be placed in wooden or cardboard boxes. This ensures that your belongings reach the new location in the same condition as before.

Using external hoist platform

Recognizing the unique demands of each removal, we understand that arranging items at their destination can pose a genuine challenge. Over the years, our accomplished team of movers has encountered various obstacles and adeptly navigated them using specialized equipment such as external hoist platforms, elevators, ropes, and more.

At Best London Removals, we bring our expertise to the task of moving kitchen items, sofas, large bookcases, and any unwieldy, heavy items. With the right moving equipment, we effortlessly handle these items, ensuring a smooth and worry-free moving process for you.

Office relocation

Get familiar with our office relocation service at the dedicated page and feel free to contact.

Chandelier transportation

Chandeliers, with their exquisite beauty, often present a formidable challenge during relocation. However, for Best London Removals, moving chandeliers is a specialized skill within our team.
Every team member undergoes dedicated training for chandelier removal, and we've developed specially designed wooden boxes to ensure your chandeliers reach their destination untouched.

Our comprehensive chandelier removal service encompasses the entire process—from disengaging them from fixing restraints and electrical connections to securely affixing them at the new location. All you need to do is turn off the switch before removal and switch it back on in your new home!

Vehicle loading and unloading

After your items are carefully packed and ready for removal, our Best London Removals team would also take care to load them into the van. The movers are trained, so they arrange the wrapped items and boxes in a way there is no chance anything would move or break during transportation.

After arriving at the destination, our movers would carefully unload the van and place the items where they belong.

Loading and unloading is a serious part of the removal process, and it involves expertise in arranging the items safely, but also in a way that guarantees maximum load to utilize the van and course.