To move to another, different home can be a very exiting thing – a new beginning of unknown – and as we always continue to hope – much happier life. But if we are unprepared for it, the moving can cause to us a lot of stress. The last thing is proved by the psychologists. An interesting fact is that in the official list of the most stressful life events moving comes next to: marriage, divorce, the death of the spouse, losing a job, being in debt, getting broke, planning a wedding, getting a new job, selling or buying a house, being a parent for the first time, bad medical condition and many more. Are you scared now?

As you can see, the list is quite long, and the life can be very full of stress just by itself! We all know that stress can lead to various health and psychological problems, such as severe heart diseases, asthma, obesity, diabetes, headaches (including migraines), depression and anxiety, gastrointestinal problems (such as gastroesophageal reflux disease and irritable bowel syndrome), Alzheimer’s disease, accelerated aging, and premature death. We shall stop here – before you get too scared!

What is the true purpose of this article? It is very simple. We cannot solve all the problems that cause stress, but we definitely want to help you avoid at least one of them – the stress caused by the moving from one home to another. That’s why we continuously talk about how to better organize your move and we always share wonderful removal tips with you and we truly hope that you will find them useful, wise and interesting. So, friends, here we start… Be ready! Read more

Summer is often considered to be the most appropriate season for moving house for many reasons. This is the part of the year with the best weather conditions for a removal service, the longest light part of the day, people get a day or two off more easily than in winter, etc.

At the same time, as all positives of a summer move are valid for all of us, the effort to find a quality removal service for a good price becomes much more challenging. Read more

The most critical element before moving to a new home is hiring the right company who will provide the best possible service in order to make this process as smooth as possible. Choosing among different removal companies in London is a hard task, but here are some tips which can help you to make the choice easier:

Ensure yourself enough time to organize the removal

Be prepared for a long process of moving from the old to the new house, which depends on complex factors such as location, number of items to take with you, budget and other aspects. Start looking for the best removal company as early as possible, because from the first contact to the actual contract can take more than a few days – often a week or more. Sometimes the process can take far more than initially expected, so ensuring extra time would make the removal less stressful. Read more

Best London Removals Ltd is removal company, there is no doubt in that fact. Our business is to move people’s homes and offices or support them in some of the activities related to any removal – packing/unpacking, loading/unloading, storage, etc. And you may see in our clients’ testimonials (on our site and at an independent removal reviews company), that we are really good at removals.

At the same time, we care about our potential customers – people that intend to move and do their research of the service and removal procedures. That’s why we regularly provide useful information about removals, so you would be prepared to face the moving experience by yourself or choose the best removal company. We have already covered some important aspects of office removal, below you will find information on your house removal. Read more

Moving into a new home could be both exciting and stressful. If you want to lessen the stress, it will be a good idea to prepare a moving plan. You can write down in it everything you think would be useful to consider for your move. You can start with the things that you won’t need in your new home, or how many boxes you are going to need. And of course, you need to set up the utilities in your new home, such as, gas, water, electricity, internet, TV, telephone and others. But moving is a really hard and stressful act, and you may not have the time or the equipment to do it on your own, that is why the best thing you can do is to hire a removal company. Let us show you the advantages and disadvantages of doing hiring professional movers to do that for you. Read more

DSC_3941Every now and then any of our friends happen to ask this important question –

“How’s business going?

With so many removal companies in London, why would a potential customer choose you?”

To tell the truth, though this question might seem a bit difficult to answer at first sight, in fact it is not. Yes, there are way too many removal companies in London, but hey, do not forget that London is a 10 million people city, one of the most populated cities in the world. And given the high frequency of changing living and/or office location of its citizens it is not so hard to guess – yes, there is plenty of work for removal companies. Read more

The decision to move the office to another location, no matter if it is related with expansion or shrinking of business, requires a serious consideration. Apart from influencing the most important factors for business prosperity – the people – relocating the office is related to physical moving of office equipment (computers, laptops, servers, printers, scanners, etc.), office furniture, a large amount of paper documents, and other machinery – water and food dispensers, coffee machines, and sometimes tennis tables and other entertainment items. Read more

If you have not moved for a long time, you might have forgotten how stressful and time-consuming a move might be. If you have not done it ever, you cannot even imagine how tough the whole experience can be. However, you can decrease your problems, dissatisfaction and complications. What is even more useful, you will save a lot of time.

The cornerstone of having removal without stress and problems is to have enough time for planning. In this way, you can react to and neutralize any unexpected complications. The sooner you start planning, the better. You will be able to react to the unexpected issues on time while if you have several problems at once, you will not be able to solve all of them at the same time and your move can turn into disaster. For example, if you want to pack yourself, do not procrastinate and start sooner. The most difficult removals are normally due to the fact that the customer has delayed everything for the very last day and then, they get nervous, in turn the company employees get nervous and everyone tries to push the things. You can avoid all that by just being more organized.
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Best London Removals had a great end of October and its not only because our business is doing great and our team is steadily growing.

Last week we had the pleasure and honour to serve the home removal of the great football player Robert Green, the Queens Park Rangers famous goalkeeper.
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Don't want problems with removal - Call Best London Removals

Don’t want problems with your removal – just call Best London Removals

At a first glance, it may seem that such magic does not exist, but this might not be true, as our experience suggests. There are actually several removal tips which can assure you a far more pleasant and free of problems removal experience. And what is even better, most of them are truly easy to follow and all you need to do is to have some concentration and do some planning, well, you also need to know what you want to achieve, of course. If you are not sure if you want to move a piece of furniture, you cannot expect that the removal company would be able to do the choice for you. So what can you do better?

For example, it is a very good idea to make a list. Carefully write down what you would like to move so that you do not forget anything. You will see that you will have good ideas how to combine items so that you can save place. Then put a number on your boxes so that you know what is where. You will save so much time when you start unpacking later on – you cannot even imagine it. And your new place will start feeling more comfortable than the previous very quickly. Also get more boxes, glue, packing paper, bubble wrap, tape – the chance that you need more than you can imagine initially is very, very high. And you will not have the time to go for extra supplies once you started packing, so act more wisely and buy a little bit more. After all, you can always use them later or give your neigbours the rest. The boxes in this case are very useful as they can have light items like pillows squeezed in them and thus, create more space in the van. Do get more boxes – you will definitely need them. Plus they also protect items from damage, of course.

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