COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

21st December 2020

Best London Removals is continuing to work and remain fully operational

Further to the PM’s announcement of the new Tier 4 restrictions, the latest guidelines from the Government in England confirm t that you can still move home within or between all the different tiered areas. Estate and letting agents and removals companies can continue to work, and people looking to move home can continue to do so. For more information, follow the national guidance on moving home safely, which includes advice on social distancing and wearing a face covering.

Please be assured that we are doing all that we can to protect our staff and customers from COVID-19 and in order to continue to protect all concerned please read the following and comply with the requests made therein.

What we are doing to prevent spreading

Pre-move survey
– We are facilitating the use of video survey technology wherever possible.

If an on-site survey is necessary
– All of our surveyors are carrying a facemask/visor and gloves which are to be worn wherever possible.
– We are maintaining social distancing measures (2m apart)

The move
– We are providing PPE to all team members including facemasks (disposable or washable mount/nose cover) and work gloves.
– We are providing each team with alcohol hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes
– Where possible we are limiting our packing service to the packing of china, glass and breakable items.
– We will be maintaining 2 metre spacing from the client during the move, although it will be inevitable that the team cannot socially distance from each other.
– We are reminding our team that every time that a 2-man carry is required, then the team members should use the facemask/visor provided.
– We are ensuring that teams are consistently working together (i.e. maintain the same team pairings) so far as is possible in order to minimize staff having multiple/varied work partners.
– We are completing wellness checks at the start of each day, to include temperature readings being taken/reported each morning. In addition, any team members displaying Coronavirus symptoms are sent home immediately.
– We ask our team to wash their hands thoroughly on an hourly basis and frequently sanitize the work gloves.
– We are reminding our team of the need for good hand and respiratory hygiene, and to avoid touching their face.
– When travelling in the cab of the vehicle to and from a move, we are ensuring that windows are opened slightly and that facemasks/visors are worn.
– We are deep cleaning our vehicle cabs daily (frequent cleaning of the steering wheel, dashboard, seats and door handles etc.) and load areas, together with all equipment.

What we need you, as a client to do

Pre-move survey
If an on-site survey is necessary
– We ask that any client that is in a high-risk category should not be present on site.
– We request that clients wear a facemask during the survey visit.
– We request that no pets are free to roam around the house during the visit.
– We request that only one family member is present during that survey visit.

The move
– We request that clients deep clean the home and their goods and effects in preparation for the move.
– We request that one family member only to be in attendance at the premises during the move and the 2m social distance to be maintained at all times.
– We request that the client wear a facemask/visor during the removal process.
– We request that clients self-pack miscellaneous and non-breakable items wherever possible. We can supply if required the necessary boxes and other materials and will itemize any associated costs.
– We request that no pets are free to roam around the house during the move.
– We request that no other trades people to be in the property(s) during the move process.
– We request that access to W/C and wash facilities should be made available for the move team, and that where possible those facilities would be for the use of the team only.