Packing Service – wrapping, packaging and unpacking

Our primary goal is to help you save time with special arrangement, one or two days ahead of removal. You might be sure we handle the packing with the necessary care and assertiveness, as if your belongings were our own.
Packing process is a critical part of any house or office removal. If you don’t do it right, it can be costly and time-consuming.
Our skilled packing service team will take care of every aspect of your move, and if desired, a packing service for your belongings is just one of the additional services we can provide.

We have a range of packing services for domestic and commercial projects ranging from simple small-scale jobs to bespoke packing services suitable for those business or homes that have fragile, bulky, unusual, high value items such as pianos, large paintings or antiques.


You may find it helpful to pack the items in your home or business yourself – we can help you with the provision of high quality packing materials e.g. average size boxes, boxes for books, wardrobe boxes, bubble wrap and tape, etc., just speak to your customer service adviser for additional information and prices. The high quality packing materials are sold at highly competitive rates. If you are packing yourself, it is important to remember that you will need to have finished packing all your items BEFORE the removal team arrives.

Full Packing Service

Should you wish for the full packing option, we will pick a team to send over to you the day before your move (or on a day which suits you best) and they will carefully pack all your items and prepare everything to be transferred. Our male and female packing staff are highly trained and have much experience in this field. We only use high quality packing materials. We sell a large range of packing materials at competitive rates such as boxes, bubble wrap, bed bags, blankets, wardrobe boxes, heavy duty sacks & much more. Just speak to one of our customer service team for information.

Unpacking Service

Unpacking is an inseparable part of the removal. Therefore, Best London Removals offers all customers a professional and affordable unpacking service. The service includes the unpacking and unwrapping of your items in your new home or commercial building, and removing all rubbish and waste for disposal.