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Students have become some of the most mobile people, and they change very often the place where they live. This is not surprising since there are many options for students to do a semester or more abroad or even to study at more than one university and not necessarily in the same country.

Not to mention that students do not study in the summer, so many of them move far more often than anyone else.

On the other hand, since they have not settled down, they do not possess so much furniture. However, they normally have enough stuff so that it causes trouble when the student needs to move to another place, even if it is in the neighbourhood. To make things worse, the most desired university housing, which are conveniently close to the university and significantly cheaper than private accommodation, have long wait lists. And that is not all – sometimes students have limited time to move to this desired accommodation, and it is not necessarily the most convenient time of the year.

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Stress-free student moving: Trust us with your transition

If you are a student, you know all that and even may have been through some of it. At Best London Removals, we are completely aware of student problems while moving and have special service for student removals. It is far more flexible than the other removal services that we offer, and we take into account that students normally have fewer things to move and more limited budget.

It is not uncommon that several students co-operate so that they share the costs. At Best London Removals, we have nothing against that, and we work to provide the best and the most adequate service for the customer needs. Students have often furniture that needs to be dismantled, so Best London Removals offer the help of its skilled handymen. We have all van sizes available and may offer both man and van service by the hour (see our price list) or complete student removal service.

We cover most student destinations and major university cities – we have moved students to Brighton, Manchester, Cardiff, etc. You can only hire a van, or van and driver- it all depends on you.

You can study even while you move to another place

As many students move at the same time due to schedules of the university program, it is most likely that all moving requests overlap in time. Our Best London Removals team is able to handle all of them professionally and politely and offer an individual solution for each removal. Since you may need to study, we do our best to complete the removal as quickly as possible so that you can get back to your exams and so that you do not bother with details about the removal. That – you can leave to us. As you study hard to pass your exams, so do Best London Removals work hard to satisfy you with our removal services. And we are straight A student when it comes to that discipline.

Most students are afraid that removal companies charge a lot even for student removals. Nevertheless, we have special services devised for students, and they take into account that students have normally limited budget and have less furniture than an office, for example.

So our rates are not only affordable, but it will cost you less to use our services than to do it on your own, plus our employees are masters when it comes to orientation. Best London Removals assure that you will get a great service at a reasonable price that will astonish not only accounting students.

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