Benefits of a two-men moving team when booking Man & Van

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Should I book driver only, or 2 men team for my Man and van move?

Make the right choice for your move: driver only or a 2-men team? Learn about the benefits of a two-men moving team, as well as the efficiency and safety advantages of each option. Discover how opting for a two-men team can ensure a smooth and successful moving experience.”

One man booking – driver only

If there are no furniture items involved or if the client specifically requests minimal assistance, a driver-only option may be sufficient. Here are some scenarios where a driver-only approach may be appropriate:

Small Moves:

For moves that primarily consist of a few small items or boxes that the client can easily load and unload alone, a driver-only service may suffice. This is particularly applicable when heavy lifting or specialized equipment is not required.

Self-Packaged Items:

If the client has already packed and prepared all the items for transportation, including furniture disassembly if needed, a driver-only service can be suitable. In this case, the driver’s role is limited to transporting the pre-packed items from one location to another.

Client Assistance:

In situations where clients prefer to actively participate in the moving process and are capable of providing assistance, a driver-only service can be arranged. The understanding is that the client will work alongside the driver, loading and unloading the items with the driver’s guidance.

Two men booking – driver and helper

When you book a two-men team, consisting of a driver and a helper, for your move, you can benefit from the following advantages:

Efficient Handling of Furniture:

Furniture items are often heavy and bulky, requiring proper lifting and handling techniques to prevent damage. With a team of two movers, they can effectively coordinate and distribute the weight of the furniture. This makes it easier to navigate through doorways, hallways, and stairs, minimizing the risk of accidents, injuries, and property damage.

Enhanced Safety:

Moving heavy furniture can be physically demanding and pose safety risks if not done correctly. Having a team of two movers ensures they can assist each other in lifting and manoeuvring heavy items safely. They employ proper lifting techniques, such as bending the knees and using leg strength, reducing strain on their backs. Additionally, one mover can stabilize the furniture while the other navigates obstacles or maintains a secure grip.

Reduced Risk of Injuries:

Lifting and carrying heavy furniture alone can lead to musculoskeletal injuries. By dividing the workload between two movers, the strain on each individual is minimized. This helps reduce the risk of back strains, sprains, and other injuries that may occur when moving heavy objects solo.

Insurance Coverage:

Professional moving companies typically have liability insurance that covers potential damage to furniture or property during the move. However, if the client participates in lifting and carrying furniture items, insurance coverage may become invalid. By sending a team of two movers, the moving company ensures that their insurance coverage remains valid throughout the entire process

Efficiency and Time Savings:

Having two movers increases the overall efficiency and saves time during the move. They can work collaboratively to pack the truck more effectively, organize items, and complete the move in a shorter period. This is particularly advantageous when dealing with large or multiple furniture items, streamlining the process and reducing the overall moving time.  


Remember to assess your specific requirements for the move and ensure that you are comfortable and capable of safely handling the items without professional assistance when opting for a driver-only service. By booking a two-men team, you can ensure the safe handling of your furniture, reduce the risk of injuries, maintain insurance coverage, and expedite the moving process efficiently.

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