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Moving home in the summer season

Moving house

Summer is often considered to be the most appropriate season for moving house for many reasons. This is part of the year with the best weather conditions for a removal service, the longest light part of the day, people get a day or two off more easily than in winter, etc.

At the same time, as all the positives of a summer move are valid for all of us, the effort to find a quality removal service for a good price becomes much more challenging.

To help you with planning your removal in the summer, we have put together several tips for moving home during the vacation season:

Tips to have a better house move in summer

Plan your move well ahead. We all know that planning for a long period is not always possible. But there are times when we know that will be moving home in the months to come, so the earlier we start planning, the better experience we’ll have when the time comes to move. So our advice to you is to start thinking of your removal as soon as you are sure that you are moving.We have already talked about choosing a removal company here, but again – do a shortlist of potential movers and request an informative quote, even if you don’t have the exact dates of the removal. Bear in mind that in peak seasons (summer in this case) it may take some time for the removal companies to organize a survey visit and prepare a quotation – the site survey is very important so you get a fair quote for your move.

The earlier you contact the moving company, the better chances you have of getting a more competitive price since the company would be eager to fill its schedule to secure business opportunities.

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Avoid Mondays, Fridays and weekendsStatistics show that Friday to Monday is the busiest period of the week in summer, with many more people travelling for a holiday or a weekend in the country. This of course hurts the traffic, which on the other hand may slow the removal process.At the same time, many people try to fit their removal in these same days, in an attempt to minimize the working time they should inevitably devote to the moving of their house.

Together with making finding a quality removal company a hard task due to most of the companies being already contracted for this period, this tactic brings another potential bad experience – in case we need some administrative or other state assistance, it would be much harder to get one during the weekends or Friday afternoon.

Do not sacrifice quality for lower prices we mentioned before, it might be much harder to find a quality removal company in the summer, but that shouldn’t be a reason for you to reduce your requirements for the company. Saving on the removal budget by lowering your criteria might result in problems with your removal, and that is the least you would like to experience. So do not forget to check for the experience, certification and reviews of the removal firm you intend to work with – this would save you a lot of trouble.

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Always check the weather forecastWeather can be tricky and devastating even in summer. Heavy rainfall or an exceptionally sunny summer day might bring different unexpected and unplanned troubles – from saturated upholstered furniture to a withered favourite plant. You should also communicate with the removal company to be sure they have weather in mind for the moving day.Knowing the weather in advance would also help you make a better judgement on the type and number of moving boxes and other packing materials needed

Preparing a checklist of your and the removal company’s responsibilities is always stressful on the moving day and you should be prepared. To guarantee there is no chance of forgetting something, you should start writing a checklist as soon as you decide to move. Even when your choice of a moving company is backed up by its good history, it is always a good idea to have a trump in your hands. This would also help you settle down at your new home without much hustle and would allow you to quickly assess the work of the removal firm.

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