Moving from London to Manchester in a day

Loading the van during a house removal

London to Manchester domestic move

Last week we had an interesting removal job with a neighbour of ours in Ruislip, North-West London. In the 21st century, one would suppose that a great part of the leads (especially in the moving service business) come from “contemporary” sources – Internet websites, online advertising, etc. And in fact it is close to the truth – many of the people, who eventually hire Best London Removals Ltd for their removal job, do come from the internet. But it is not always so, and here is an example of this.

It occurred that this particular removal was initiated by a person, who happened to live near our main office in Ruislip. He had spotted the branded vans of the company and decided to talk to us to get more detailed information on our removal service. As all our customers know, we offer a free removal quotation (could be arranged through the website here), so it was a pleasure for our surveyor to speak to the potential customer and to explain how the removal process in this particular case could proceed. The customer was very happy with our handling of his inquiry and soon the deal was closed – Best London Removals Ltd was selected to do the relocation for our Ruislip neighbour.

It was a three-bedroom house that was to be moved from London to Manchester.  The family had decided to move to a new home in Manchester, because of a new job opportunity. It was a family of five people and their pets – they had two dogs and a cat. Quite a challenging removal job, don’t you think?

We have done quite a number of home removals to Manchester, so it was not a new experience for our moving team. The house to be moved did not require any specific equipment – there were neither pianos nor chandeliers to be moved, and the parking was easy both at start and at final destination – no chance to show our full potential. Even the two dogs were not a problem – they soon became our friends and were very “helpful” with the moving process.

In fact, we managed to fulfil the whole relocation in a day! Yes, one day – to move a three-bedroom house from London to Manchester! A really long day, but it’s nice to know that the job is done well, and the customer is happy. It took three vehicles (3.5t MaxiMover vans), most of our removal team and a lot of efforts, but we did it right, and we did it on time.

unloading the van

In case you want a timely, stress-free and yet affordable home removal service, do not hesitate to call 0800 080 7476 or contact for a free no-obligation removal quote! Best London Removals team is here to help.

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Ready to move? Get a quote now!

We at Best London Removals are ready to help you to move efficiently and quickly to another place.