FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What area do you cover?

We cover the whole of Greater London. We can cover jobs outside of London providing that the job starts or finishes in London. We can also deliver to and from mainland Europe.

Do I need to book in advance?

If you know your moving day booking in advance is recommended. Our availability can change at any time and is not guaranteed unless secured in advance.

Can you dismantle and reassemble furniture?

Yes, within the time of your booking the team can dismantle and reassemble.

Is there a minimum time that I need to book?

Our minimum charge is for three hours and after that we charge for every half an hour. You can keep the van and driver/team for as long as you wish.

When is the time of booking starting and finish?

The time is starting at arriving of the driver/team at the pickup address and starting work and finishes at the completion of the job. During the time the team can load, unload, dismantle, reassemble, help if needed with packing or unpacking.

Are my goods insured?

Our insurance covers goods in transit only for up to a total value of £50,000 and our excess is £250. Insurance with zero access is available at additional cost, depending on declared value. Call for details

Does the price include the Congestion charge or parking fees?

Our prices exclude the Congestion Charge and Parking fees. We can arrange parking suspension on request, but the fees payable to your local council needs to be covered by you.

Do you charge extra for fuel?

We don’t charge fuel if the move is within 10 miles. For longer distance we add £1 per mile (one way) taking the distance from 1st pick up location to the last unloading location.

Do you add extra for stairs?

We do not charge extra for stairs within the property and if the property is a flat in a building up to 1st floor level. If we need to carry the goods at a level of 2nd floor + an extra  £5 for every floor will be added.

Can I travel with the van and the driver?

The van has three seats, including the driver. If driver and van only is booked there will be room for 2 passengers to travel. If you have booked 2 men and a van there will be available seat for one passenger left.

Can you dispose unvanted items/furnitures

Yes, we can dispose or do a house clearance

Can you move a pianos

Yes, we do move piano. We have specially designed piano dollies and use piano covers for extra protection

Do you disconnect and connect appliances?

W can disconnect washing machine, dishwashers and non hard-wired electrical appliances.

We can’t disconnect or reconnect GAS appliances

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