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Moving cost

Money is an important part of our life. Although it should not be the base for any important decision, the amount of money spent should always be taken into consideration.

The same is the situation with removal costs of your office, house or flat. And having agreed on the fact that the quality of moving service should be your greatest concern, we may elaborate a bit on the costs of removal and how to get a notion of the amount of money you would spend on moving to a new place.

There are several ways to get an idea of what you’ll be expected to pay when you decide to move:

    1. Ask friends and relatives about how much they spent when moving, and then do your own estimation on how this relates to your specific situation (number of rooms to move, furniture, access to premises, etc.)
    2. Browse internet forums and read topics related to other people’s moving experience – you would also get a notion on the brands in the moving business
    3. Contact moving companies to get a removal quote – by far the most accurate way of knowing exactly how much your removal would cost.

Friends’ moving experience

While it is the most easy and often preferred way to make an estimate on how much your removal would cost, it is also the most inaccurate approximation of the moving expenses. Why is that so?

No two removal jobs are similar – even when the houses for example are of the same size, the furniture would differ a lot, the access to buildings cannot be the same, not to mention the distance to be travelled. So your friends payments could just give you a mere approximation of what you might pay for your removal, but this is not enough to make an informed decision.

Even worse, this information could guide you into taking the wrong decision, which at the end might cost you more money.

Forums’ common knowledge about moving home/office

Forums (lately being shifted a bit by the social networks) are a perfect way to learn things, often discussed and argued over by a great number of different people. While the accuracy of the price estimation is not bigger than in the case with friends consultations, there are a few interesting points to mention.

Firstly, here you get the opinions and reviews of many (often tens or even hundreds of thousands) of people and making the approximation to your removal costs is less likely to deviate a lot (pure statistics). But much more important is the fact that most often, apart from sharing information on how much they paid for their removal, people are sharing their experience and opinion about the removal company used in the process – this is the most valuable piece of data you should care about.

These people opinions and reviews could help you draw a shortlist of good reputation removal companies, and with this shortlist in hand you could proceed to the next step very easily

Getting a quote from a removal company

This is just what you should do in order to know the exact amount of removal costs in advance. The first two “methods” should be used mainly for getting the removal companies shortlist and saving time in the forthcoming communication. They would also help sift out the most expensive removal firms, so you concentrate on the real potential “winners”.

Nowadays, most removal companies offer to provide a free removal quote (you can check our form here). A common good practice is to arrange a field survey, in which case the quote would show you exactly how much your removal would cost. Given the removal quote, you may discuss it with the moving company in advance and clarify any potential obstacles or hidden costs.

If you need further information, or need consultation on a forthcoming removal – do not hesitate to contact us!

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