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Hire a removal company, or should you DIY?

“Why hire a professional removal company while I can pack, load, and move my house (small office) myself (with friends/colleagues)?” – that’s a standard question many people ask themselves when planning their removal. And it’s not a surprise, given the fact that some costs of removal have to pay for the service.

But when searching for the right decision, one has to bear in mind that together with the expenses to be met, there are always many alternative costs, which often may surpass the money spent on getting the job done by a moving company of our choice.

We have elaborated before on the pros and cons of hiring a removal company, and this time we prefer to share with you the experience of some of our clients, explaining why they chose to work with professional movers. Here they are:

“We are a small office of 6 people, 4 of whom are men. The first time we moved our office two years ago, we decided to do it ourselves. We gave our female colleagues a day off and early in the morning parked two cars in front of the office to start loading (the packing was done the day before by the ladies). We thought we had it all planned until I suddenly dropped my PC while trying to hold the door open for my friend. And this ruined the whole day for me, since I knew that all of my information would not be accessible for at least a few days. And when we did the maths later that evening, it turned out that we paid a lot more than what we anticipated – a PC repair, 2 prolonged hours of parking for 2 cars, nerves lost… It was not a surprise that when the time came for a new move – we checked a few offers for office relocation from professional movers and picked Best London Removals – and we’ll be sure to use them again on our next move.”

“We had to move to a larger flat since we were expecting a baby, and I promised my wife to take care of the move. Since she could not take care of the packing, I called a friend of mine to help, and we did packing, loading and moving all the family belongings to the new home. Unfortunately it took much more time than expected and apart from that my wife was quite unhappy to see that one of her favourite paintings had an ugly scratch on the frame – and I didn’t even know how it happened. I hired professional removal company Best London Removals (recommended to me by that same friend who helped before) for my next move – absolutely happy with the service, I’ll never do removal myself again, and I’m telling this to all my friends.”

“I wanted to do the removal myself, but there was a large wardrobe that my car would not take. I contacted Best London Removals for a man and van service, but after a talk with the surveyor they convinced me to get the full removal service. Next day, while watching the team packing and loading the vehicles I was really happy that I followed their advice and went for the house removal service – the boys were brilliant in the job, managed the whole work in a day, while I planned 3 days to have it done by myself.”

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