What can go wrong with house removals?


Do you like unpleasant surprises? Probably, you don’t. In order to avoid them, it’s always better to think ahead. When we speak about house removals, there are so many problems that can occur.

Our Best London Removals team have faced most of the issues in our everyday work, so we’ve prepared some information for you. Here you can read what can go wrong and how you can deal easily with some of the issues.

The Most Frequent Problem: Damaged Items

The most frequent problem is to find some of your items damaged. It usually happens when your fragile goods are badly packaged or not carefully handled during the move. Some of the furniture can get knocked or scratched, especially when you move by yourself or the movers you have hired are inexperienced. The preventive measures you can take are to pack your staff well and carefully to choose the removal company.

Sometimes when you try to prepare for the move and calculate what you need, you just forget about something. The result – packing material is not enough. That lapse can cause delay. It can cause also some damages, because you try to pack more things in one box. That’s why – just buy more packing materials than you really think you need.


The Importance of In-Home Estimates and Avoiding Unpleasant Surprises

It is always better to have an in-home estimate while choosing a removal company. But sometimes you are in a hurry and there’s not enough time to do that.
So you choose the best online offer and unpleasant surprises follow. The van is coming, but there’s no enough room. So you should pay extra for one more return and loading.
The preventive measure you can take here is to show the removal company everything you want to move, and they will send a vehicle of an appropriate size.

Preventing Lost or Misplaced Items

One of the most unpleasant things after the move is to understand that there are lost items.
And usually it is something so valuable for you. It could be just a missing box, or even an entire cargo has even been known to show up at the wrong address.
Ensure that your possessions are not left unattended on the street, in the lorry or in your garden.

Dealing with Unexpected Expenses and Ensuring Fair Contract Clauses

You have an online offer for your move and you calculate your budget. And then you see you need more packing materials or additional vehicle or the move takes longer, and you have to spend one night in a hotel.

All these topics demand extra money. They can also cause you other problems with removal men.

You should ensure that your contract with the removals has proper and fair clauses for over-runs.

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Ready to move? Get a quote now!

We at Best London Removals are ready to help you to move efficiently and quickly to another place.