London to Newquay moving service

moving to Cornwall

Total mileage of 570 miles and about 11 hours of travel both ways.

t’s been a long time since our last post here, but unfortunately (or should I say fortunately) we’ve been quite busy doing removal services for our customers, so there hasn’t been much time to write.

Anyway, the flat moving described here happened in late September and included a complete removal of a 2-bedroom appartment (3rd floor, no lift 🙁 ) in London to a 3-bedroom house – no lift needed 🙂  in Newquay.

Work force and Equipment for the removal job

3 movers for loading, 2 for unloading

  • 1 removal van
  • protective materials
Loading the van to Newquay

All items carefully arranged in the van

We did it on one day

Best London Removals team started at 7.00am sharp. It took almost 3 hours for 3 movers to load the van, but by 9.45am the van was completely loaded and 15 minutes later the journey at Newquay began.

Five hours (plus a 30 minute break at Welcome break and drivers swap) later we arrived at destination. Astonished by the beautiful sea view, we gathered strength to start the unloading.

It took 2 people about an hour and a half to move all the items, namely:

sml box 40, med box 20, dressing table 1, bedside cabinet 2, medium chest drawers 2, floor lamp 1, desk 3, printer 1, office chair 2 and 2 bikes.

After a really long and busy day, we were back to London just to before the start of the new day.

A few days later we were happy to see our client’s feedback on the removal service provided by Best London Removals (as posted in

Moved us from Islington, London to Crantock, Cornwall.
I highly recommend using Best London Removals, these guys were very professional, with great communication from quoting through to organizing start time of the move. They took excellent care of all our possessions and worked quickly to ensure the van was loaded and on the road on time.
Thank you Best London Removals for making our moving day so easy!”