Tips to organize an office removal

Your business is growing and the office you have rented is not big enough. The solution is to move to a bigger location. This step is neither simple, nor relaxing, but it’s necessary. Businesses need to ensure the minimum disturbance to employees and office equipment during the relocation. If a removal is not well planned anxiety levels within the business can lead to reduced efficiency.

The first step you need to make is to plan ahead. It is important to know that an office removal may need several weeks to plan. The longer you plan, the better the result is. Try to organize the removal during a weekend, so that your business can continue to operate without interruptions.

Choose a removal company (you may look at our office removals info page) after at least three of them have visited your premises and have made an estimate. Ask for recommendations from other companies. It’s important the removal company to have an experience in moving different electronic equipment and workstations.

Measure the new office in advance

Measure the new office in advance

Visit your new office and take measurements. Then plan the floor layout. Complete a scheme indicating the floor layout, furniture arrangement and location of each of the office equipment in the new office. Be sure to label the sections carefully so that the staff of the professional company can easily place the items in the right spot. Distribute these copies before you move.

It is imperative to set a time table. The packing, transport, unpacking and arranging must be completed on a precise date. This will keep your staff and the moving company motivated and result to a faster, more efficient move.

Take time to remind your staff about their responsibilities. Do they need to pack their own files? Pack up own drawers? Communicate as much as you can so that they will understand every single aspect of the move and organize their work accordingly. It is worth employing a computer specialist to reconnect your network as quickly and efficiently as possible. Some removal companies have an in house specialist for this.

Allow your relocation specialists to do what they are best at: they know how to tape up filing cabinets, box-up equipment and to wrap computers safely before packing them into the lorry.

Remember to take extra care with secure or confidential documents. Arrange for any obsolete but sensitive data to be shredded and not simply thrown into a skip. Your removal company may have a specialist contractor who can undertake this.

Do not schedule important meetings with costumers in the week when you plan to do the removal? Anything can happen in the last minute during this period

And last but not least, remember to keep a list with the numbers of the people involved in the removal process, so you can contact them at any time if a problem occurs.

If you plan an office removal in the future, do not hesitate to contact us (mail or phone) for a free, non-obligation removal quote!