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Moving Hassles? Find the Right Removal Company Without the Headaches

There comes a time in our lives when we have to call a removal company, which should not be that big of a deal, right?

Well, not exactly…

When the time does come and you decide to go browsing through the Internet or open up the Yellow Pages you will be shocked by the enormous number of moving companies out there. Then you will be faced with the dilemma of choosing the right company for the removal job, because your belongings are important to you, sure? So…how do you do it? How do you find the removal firm that will provide you with the best service possible and at the same time offer you a great deal price-wise?

Below we have compiled several essential steps towards acquiring the best free removals quote and the follow-up procedures after acquiring the said quotation.

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Opt in for the direct way, don’t start calling removal brokers!

The very first thing you should do is narrow down your quest for a moving company.

Best practice shows that it is always best to go directly to each removal company yourself, and not opt in for the services of a broker. Note: there are definitely some positives down the list when employing a broker, but the above-stated choice of course has derived from our own personal dealings in such situations.

By taking care of things personally when dealing with a particular removal company, you are going to be able to inquire into important questions (which brokers may or may not ask) that will give you a full perspective of the procedures performed by the said firm.

There is a high chance that brokers are going to be able to find you the cheapest removal company out there, but will it actually be the best combination of price and quality? Probably not. It is common practice for brokers to send out your info to a minimum of 5 or more removal firms that are paying them for the lead.

Acquire at least 3 removal quotes for comparison

For you to have a sound judgment and make a proper comparison among companies, you should choose 3 movers for quotes.
It can turn out to be rather time-consuming but allowing all three firm representatives to come to your home and assess the volume of items that are to be moved and smoothen out all the details is going to give you a better understanding of which one to go with.
The removal site survey should probably take roughly 20 -30 minutes.
By no means are you to conduct only one survey and then pass on the details to the remaining two removal firms, as the volume of goods is based on the evaluation of the appointed surveyor – what if the first surveyor’s estimates are wrong?
By getting all 3 you will make sure that they are quoting around the same volume

How to pick the proper removal companies to ask for quotation?

Search for firms that are members of given professional organizations, as most of them will have the logo displayed on their ad or website.

If you are unsure, however, check out the organization’s website as they are most probably going to have an online directory via the help of which you can double-check.

If you are moving inside the territorial borders of the UK search for National Guild of Removers & Storers (NGRS) members and Overseas Moving group or FIDI network members when regarding moves outside the UK.

The stated organizations are responsible for pre-vetting movers and the quality of their services along with complaints, claims records, and related financial data, so only ‘professional movers’ can be part of them, as not all companies can pass thorough independent audits.

Potential questions for you to ask your Removals Consultant

A Removals Consultant’s primary obligations revolve around the assessment of the volume of your goods but they are also obliged to answer any questions that may arise during the process of receiving a removals quotation.

To exemplify things, here is a potential situation: You have a particular furniture item that you are worried about. You are in your full right to ask them to protect it properly and sufficiently and inquire into their course of action in such cases. They may have to answer some of your specific questions later on, but they will contact their Removals Manager, who is back at the office, and who can get back to you with the necessary details.

Show the Removals Consultant every item that is to be moved – do not forget garages, sheds, and lofts! The majority of removal firms are going to insist that lofts come along with the proper flooring, lighting, and safe access before including them in a quote due to health and safety-related reasons. Also, make sure to point out the particular items you don’t want included in the moving list (if there are such).

If any tricky items require dismantling for moving them, such as swing sets, bunk beds, or wardrobes, inform the Removals Consultant about whether you would like for the mover to handle them or if you are going to carry out the necessary preparations yourself before the arrival of the crew.

After the survey is over

When all three Removals Consultants have conducted their visits, each of them is going to take away the details for working out a plan for the moving – necessary crew, vehicle, tools, etc. – and is to provide you with a cost estimate based on the volume of the items coupled with your requirements. The majority of removal firms should have no problem with providing you with a quote via e-mail, which slightly cuts down on the time for receiving a removals quotation. You should receive your removals quote within a 24-hour time frame if you are moving inside the UK, or within 48 hours if you are moving overseas. (the mover may have to consult with the destination agent, depending on the desired destination)

P.S. If you need further information, check our removal services or get a free no-obligation removal quote!

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