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The topic about proper removing quotes is quite interesting for our clients, that’s why we have decided to pay more attention to the subject.We have already reviewed some important things in our post Get the best removal quote, and below we elaborate a bit further in order to assure you would get the most out of removal companies next time you plan your move.

Most moving companies are to appoint someone to come and visit your home in order to assess the number of items you want moved. If a mover is a true professional, he would inquire into your personal preferences regarding some particular items and thus be able to give you a thorough and detailed summary of how the whole moving process is going to go through and provide you with an accurate price total for the operation. If you have just began pondering how to book removal surveys and have no idea what to expect, you can check out our guide on getting an accurate quotation.

We have summarized all the need-to-know basics below.

Make sure you show everything to the move consultant

In order to receive a more accurate moving quotation, it is advisable that you show the move consultant all the items you want moved. Show him any large storage cupboards you may have and be sure not to forget the loft*, the basement, the garage and the garden shed.

*a move consultant will view your loft if it has proper boarding, is lit and provides safe access (the same points apply for the crew to remove items from it on the appointed day for the moving). If it doesn’t cover the stated criteria, you should ask the move consultant about the company’s common practice when dealing with such situations, as the different companies offer different solutions

Do not forget about any plants in the garden, types of ornaments or garden furniture that you want moved. These are important items to consider before moving, as they naturally affect the space requirements of the vehicle used by the company.

If you have plans about purchasing anything new that you will also require to be moved, try and provide the Move Consultant with a basic idea of what it will be – by no means are you to try and sneak it in on moving day. The majority of moving companies won’t charge you that much more in order to include it on the list beforehand, but it is important for them to know the specifics of the item in order to properly plan for the needed vehicle.

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Be ready to answers a number of questions during the removal survey

In order for the move consultants to do a proper job of assessing the amount of work that is to be carried out, they will ask you several possible questions and thus provide you with an estimate tailored to your specific situation. They will most probably ask you questions related to your:

Budget – when they ask you about the budget you are able to afford, be realistic. Always keep in mind that in the end these are your personal possessions, and you want them to be moved in the safest of manners. Provide your consultant with a basic idea of the items that are highly important to you, and specify if there are any that you can arrange by yourself. If your prime objective is to save money, then you can pack a number of items yourself and thus reduce the time needed by the crew to move them, but if time is what you lack then the moving company can calculate the cost of doing all the packing by themselves.

Dates – Have you figured out when exactly do you want to move?

Flexibility – Do you require for the mover to give you exact dates, or do you have a time-window in which the mover can pinpoint a date? Some companies may provide you with cheaper offers for given dates when their schedule is less preoccupied. Flexibility is also an important factor when the number of items you want moved is smaller, and you might be able to use the option of utilizing a part load service – basically your items will be moved alongside those of other company clients that are located in the same area, and thus you will be sharing the costs of the operation.

Moving during the weekend – it can be a tad more expensive if you decide to move during the weekend due to the moving crew requiring higher wages for having to work unsocial hours.

Completion date – If you are finalizing your house sale on the same day that you are moving, do you have any idea at what time will you be provided with keys to your new home and at what time should you move out of your current place? Any possible delays that could occur in such a situation will most likely reflect on the cost of the operation.

Do you require any additional service?

Moving does not always merely centre around packing-transport-unpacking. There are given items like the climbing frame in the garden that require to be taken down first and then put up again. All the pictures that are currently hanging on your walls are going to have to be put up again in your new home. The same can be said about mirrors, clocks, lamp shades etc.

Also, it is worth considering that no matter how much you clean up and how often, when all of your furniture and belongings are gone, there will be dirt all over. Do you have enough time do to the cleaning up by yourself before leaving your ex-home? The same applies for your new home – it is advisable to have your place cleaned up before moving in and arranging all of your belonging. Would you like to have someone help you unpack?

These are all things you should consider asking your move consultant in order to get a proper quotation that suits your personal needs. Some companies provide additional services, like a housemaid or a handyman.

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