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Removal companies – how to choose the best one?

Now and then, any of our friends happen to ask this important question 

“How’s business going?

With so many removal companies in London, why would a potential customer choose you?”

To tell the truth, though this question might seem a bit difficult to answer at first glance, it is not. Yes, there are way too many removal companies in London but do not forget that London is a ten-million-people city, one of the most populated cities in the world. Given the high frequency of its citizens changing their living and/or office locations, it is not so hard to guess—removal companies.

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Each day, thousands of people move to new homes, managers relocate offices, and newcomers look for a better place to live—all of them with piles of belongings that need to be moved.

We live in the 21st century, and finding information now is far more accessible than ever before. Nowadays, before finding a contractor for any service – in our case – removal service, most, if not all, potential customers look for information on the Internet. They browse for removal service reviews, shared opinions, and detailed explanations of service procedures.

To measure all their findings, it’s important to consider the company’s track record, customer feedback, and the comprehensiveness of their service offerings. In just a few hours, an experienced Internet user would have made a shortlist of removal companies with good reputation and affordable price. And here is the catch – how to choose the best removal company for your specific needs? Read on to find the answer.

Let’s assume you’ve already made your shortlist of removal companies to contact for a consultation and quote. Before you proceed, make sure you’ve checked the following very important information for the moving firm:

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  1. Is the company a member of any professional or service guarantee association?

For example, Best London Removals is a proud National Guild of Removers and Storers (NGRS) and Checkatrade member. This is a testament to their commitment to high standards and continuous improvement, proof of their excellent reputation and the highest level of service.

  1. Does the moving company have a “face”?

You have found the removal firm on the Internet – that is OK. But it’s not the company you talk to and intend to trust – it’s the people working there. Working with such an anonymous business might be too risky if you cannot virtually meet the team.

  1. Is the removal company insured, and how?

Sometimes, there are problems, and something might go wrong. The important thing is to know that these problems will not affect your account. A removal company that values its customers should be insured for all risks, as Best London Removals is. For instance, they have comprehensive liability insurance that covers any damages to your belongings during the move. With the insurance company as a backup, both movers and clients might concentrate on the job.

  1. Are there any independent reviews of the company’s removal service?

There are enough sites that offer business listings, and most of them publish reviews of people who have used these services. A good company would never be outside of these review sites – the more positive reviews are out there – the better. Positive reviews indicate that the company has consistently delivered satisfactory service, which is a good sign for potential customers. Again, Best London Removals is proud to be one of the most highly-rated removal companies on the Removal Reviews website – check for yourself.

And to get back to the initial question –  – here is the short takeaway:

Choose a removal company that is a member of professional associations that is not anonymous, insured, and has live independent reviews of its service.

And have fun with your removal!

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