“Why hire a professional removal company while I can pack, load and move my house (small office) myself (with friends/colleagues)?” – that’s a standard question many people ask themselves when planning their removal. And it’s not a surprise, given the fact that there are some costs of removal that have to pay for the service.

But when searching for the right decision, one has to bear in mind that together with the expenses to be met, there are always many alternative costs, which often may surpass the money spent on getting the job done by a moving company of our choice.
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And here come the most common mistakes non-profesional movers make in the everyday life, and what you should do to avoid them (generally you will avoid all movers mistakes by hiring Best London Removals to do the removal job for you, but not all people are that wise):

1. Packing takes time – don’t forget it.

Well, if you are to do the packing on your own, just plan it carefully. Packing, padding, and securing all the belongings in even the smallest apartment can take an unexpected amount of time. You should make a list of your goods, divide them into categories and group them according to the packing boxes.

Hiring professional packers, movers, and sometimes cleaners is a good option, but not everyone is willing to trust outsiders for the job. Anyway, don’t forget that being unprepared when the moving trucks arrive is never a good idea.
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