Experience a Smooth Journey: London to Bristol Move

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A Smooth Journey: London to Bristol move

Moving to a new city infuses excitement and poses challenges. Anticipation and adventure fill the air when starting fresh in a different place.

However, the move itself can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Best London Removals, a team of moving experts, can make the process easier.

In this blog post, we will recount the story of a recent relocation from London to Bristol.

To ensure a successful and stress-free move, a team of three men with two 3.5-ton MaxiMover vans facilitated the process, transforming it from potentially stressful to genuinely enjoyable.


The Early Start:

Bright and early, at 8 am, the moving team promptly arrived at the client’s residence in London. Taking swift action, the team assessed the items that needed packing and transportation, preparing for the day ahead.

Packing and Dismantling:

With their expertise in handling moves of all sizes, the team effortlessly packed around 80 boxes. Fragile items received meticulous attention, while furniture was carefully wrapped to prevent any damage during transit. Additionally, two double beds and a bunk bed were dismantled for easy and safe transportation.


Protecting Valuable Furniture:

Of utmost importance were the client’s sentimental furniture pieces. To safeguard against potential bumps or scratches during the journey, the team meticulously wrapped and secured two sofas, a sideboard, and a large dining table. The team prioritized the client’s possessions and implemented extra measures to ensure their safe delivery.

The Challenge of the Trampoline:

Awaiting dismantling and transportation in the garden was a sizable trampoline. Carefully assessing its structure and noting its various components, the team expertly dismantled and packed the trampoline. Each part was securely wrapped for transportation, guaranteeing that the client could enjoy their beloved trampoline upon arrival in Bristol.

The Journey to Bristol:

Setting off on the journey from London to Bristol, the team had everything packed and ready to go. With the reliable assistance of 2x 3.5-ton MaxiMover vans, specifically designed to accommodate the size and weight of the load, they had more than enough space and ensured maximum security during the transit.

Exercising great care and attention to detail, the team meticulously loaded all the items into the vans. They made sure to secure the furniture and boxes with precision, leaving no room for any potential damage during the transportation process.

Arrival and Completion:

The experienced and professional team ensured a smooth trip from London to Bristol. Arriving at 3 pm, they wasted no time unloading and carefully placing each item in its designated location within the new residence. The team completed the job by 6:30 pm.

Thanks to their meticulous efforts, everything arrived intact and undamaged


You can transform your move from London to Bristol, or any other city in the UK, into a joyous and stress-free journey by enlisting the assistance of professional domestic movers like Best London Removals.

Armed with their expertise, 2x 3.5-ton MaxiMover vans, and an efficient plan, the three-man team successfully completed the move from start to finish. They meticulously packed, expertly dismantled, and carefully transported the client’s belongings, including valuable furniture and even a trampoline, ensuring a safe arrival in Bristol.


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