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Experience a Smooth Journey: London to Bristol Move

A Smooth Journey: London to Bristol move

Moving to a new city is exciting and challenging. Starting fresh in a different place is full of anticipation and adventure.

But the move itself can feel overwhelming. Luckily, there are moving experts from Best London Removals who can make it easier.

In this blog post, we’ll share the story of a recent move from London to Bristol.

A team of three men with two 3.5-ton MaxiMover vans made the relocation smooth and successful, turning a potentially stressful experience into a happy one.

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The Early Start:

The day began bright and early, with the moving team arriving promptly at 8 am at the client’s residence in London. The team quickly took stock of the items that needed to be packed and transported, ready to tackle the day ahead.

Packing and Dismantling:

The team has experience in handling moves of all sizes. They packed around 80 boxes effortlessly. Fragile items were given extra attention. Furniture were wrapped to prevent damage during transit. There were two double beds and a bunk bed to be dismantled for easy transportation.

The client’s furniture held sentimental value and was of utmost importance. The two sofas, sideboard, and large dining table were carefully wrapped and secured to safeguard them against any potential bumps or scratches during the journey. The team prioritized the client’s possessions and took extra measures to ensure their safe delivery.

The Challenge of the Trampoline:

A sizable trampoline was standing in the garden, waiting to be dismantled and transported. The team assessed its structure, taking note of its various components. With expertise and precision, they skilfully dismantled and packed the trampoline, ensuring secure wrapping of each part for transportation.

The attention to detail ensured the client could use their beloved trampoline when they arrived in Bristol.

The Journey to Bristol:

The team packed everything and embarked on the journey from London to Bristol. The vehicles were well-equipped to handle the load’s size and weight, providing ample space and security during transit.

The team loaded all items, carefully securing the furniture and boxes in the vans to ensure that there was no risk of damage during transportation.

Arrival and Completion:

The experienced and professional team made the trip from London to Bristol smooth. They arrived at 3 pm and wasted no time in unloading and carefully placing each item in its designated location within the new residence. The team completed the job at 6:30 pm.

Everything arrived intact and undamaged.


By seeking the assistance of professional domestic movers, moving from London to Bristol or any other city in the UK can be transformed into a happy and stress-free journey.

The three-man team, armed with their expertise, 2x 3.5-ton MaxiMover vans, and an efficient plan, successfully completed the move from start to finish. They meticulously packed, expertly dismantled, and carefully transported the client’s belongings, including valuable furniture and even a trampoline, ensuring that everything arrived safely in Bristol.

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