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Complete moving house checklist from Best London Removals

Several procedures are necessary for successful house removal, no matter if you are moving to London, Manchester, Glasgow, or moving internationally.

Professional removal companies are familiar with the process, but most of the customers are not, and we believe it is our responsibility to introduce the people who are planning their move to the basics of complete house removal.

Complete Moving House Checklist

– It should start with removal company research, selection, and booking- Fix your budget, obtain a written removal quotation, and ensure the company provides moving transit insurance.- Secure the household insurance for your new home.

– Draw a plan of your new home – all floors – rooms, corridors, closets, etc. should be included. The plan should be used for designing the optimal furniture placement. You should measure the spaces to ensure your furniture will fit. Assure that large items would fit through doors.

– Prepare an inventory of everything you own. Be sure to describe any flaws, scratches, or dents.

– List all precious items so that you treat them with the proper attention.

– Safely dispose of everything that you don’t need.

– Check the moving instructions for your home appliances (fridge, freezer, washing and drying machines, ovens, etc.).

– You should also take care of all opened packets of food – either try to use them or find proper disposal.

– Do not forget to review your “storage” – garage, attic, garden shed, etc.

– Empty all gas cylinders and air bottles, and dispose of all flammable liquids (paint, cleaning fluids, fuel, aerosols of any kind, garden chemicals, etc.).

– Organize your mail handling – it could either be held or redirected to your new address.

– In case you have kids – organize school and kindergarten transfers.

– Redirect or cancel subscriptions.

– Return borrowed or rented items.

– Confirm with your Real Estate Agents the key collection time as this will determine your moving day.

– Prepare all important legal documents and jewelry to be moved by you or a trusted relative.

– Plan and schedule any necessary repairs required.

– Research storage facilities with the selected removal company if needed.

– Obtain family and pet medical records, do not forget dental and school records.

– Organize property inspection and book cleaners if needed.

– Transfer and set up utilities at your new address.

Drawer packing

Best London Removals Ltd realizes this “brief” online through our contact form, on the phone, or during the free removal survey, which we organize with our prospective clients. To be even more useful to the people preparing their house removal, our moving experts drafted a “Moving house checklist”, which you might print and follow through for a stress-free house relocation.

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